About the webinar:  When the context in which we are working changes as significantly as it has over the last …

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About the webinar:

 When the context in which we are working changes as significantly as it has over the last 18 months we have to ask whether behaving in the same way as we have done before and trying to lead as we have in the past remains fit for purpose. Teachers and school leaders are all under immense pressure to stabilise students’ learning and tackle the educational implications on their performance caused by the global pandemic. Schools will undoubtedly be facing scrutiny in the future so now is precisely the right time to revisit the place and purpose of self-evaluation in your school and to redefine the contribution leaders make. The School Leader Inventory (SLi) is a research-based framework that focuses specifically on the behaviour of leaders and their contribution to authentic self-evaluation in schools. It has been used with over 600 school leaders and evidence has shown it helps to accelerate development, improve performance and maintain their wellbeing. As learning organisations, schools need to support their leaders as well as their students – this is your opportunity to explore the SLi.

About the Instructor:

Lesley Hunter is an internationally recognised expert in authentic leader behaviour. With a specialism in educational leadership and school self-evaluation, she has achieved a rare balance of practical experience and academic credibility for her work. Lesley’s early career in schools, colleges, local authority and school inspection in the UK crystallised her understanding of the impact of effective leaders on the capacity for improvement and sustainability of performance at all levels in an organisation. She has since worked extensively as a school inspector, strategic consultant, government advisor and leadership coach across the UK, Europe and Middle East. Lesley has engaged with over 4,000 schools during her career and has established a reputation for supportive challenge and constructive dialogue that drives effectiveness and accelerates school improvement. Recently, she has established a new behavioural model for school leaders that supports authentic school self-evaluation and improvement, based on research with over 600 school leaders.
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