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About the webinar: Today, leadership in all aspects and forms has been the most important asset in the word, which …

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About the webinar:

Today, leadership in all aspects and forms has been the most important asset in the word, which has its own impact on the humans’ life. So, educational leadership is not exception, therefore it is considered as one of the factors to enhance the quality of teaching and learning outcomes of the academic institutions across the world. Educational leadership is a need in 21st century which makes people to step forward for better results. In the educational context, there are many challenges and obstacles teacher and school principals encounter in daily life. Some of the teachers and school principle are not quite mindful to deal with obstacles effectively. Some of them may need to know to how deal with problems when they face in their academic environment. There are essential skills teachers and school principals should know in order to develop the process of education and learning outcomes in Iraqi Kurdistan region. Without having educational leadership skills, would be very difficult for one empower, motivate or influence people. To raise awareness of educators and school principals, such conference would a great opportunity to share some educational leadership skills and experiences with educational stakeholders in the region.  

About the Instructor:

Talib has received his MA in TESOL at the University of Nottingham/UK and PhD in English Language and Applied Linguistics in the college of languages at Salahaddin University -Erbil, Iraq. He has worked for different universities and academic institutions and got involved in many training courses nationally and internationally. He has been teaching at university level for more than ten years experiences. His research interest including topics in applied linguistics , teacher professional development and school educational leadership. Currently, Talib is working at Soran University, he is serving as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education for Scientific Affairs
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